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Gamestations pre-owned blitz

Gamestation has made its play to become the UK’s leading destination for pre-owned games by slashing its prices on next-gen software.

The retailer’s most impressive cuts have come on Xbox 360 titles, with the cheapest being sold for a startlingly low 3.99.
Games such as Sega’s Football Manager 2006 are being sold at the bargain bin price, joined by the likes of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Microsoft’s Perfect Dark Zero and EA’s FIFA 06 at just 4.99.

PlayStation 2 games haven’t escaped the price cull, either – kicking off at a staggering 49p. EA’s FIFA Football 2004, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 3 and Codemasters’ LMA Manager 2004 are all being knocked out at the bargain price.

And the offers don’t stop there, with DS titles being sold for as cheap as 4.99 – including EA’s Madden NFL 2006 and Sega’s Project Rub.

Wii and PS3 titles are now being hawked at as low as 12.99, including THQ’s Avatar: The Legend Of Aang and recent Sega release Alien Syndrome on Nintendo’s console, and 2K Games’ Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver on Sony’s system.

Gamestation declined to comment on the move, but High Street chatter has pointed to it as a possible reaction to the aggressive trade-in pricing moves of other retailers such as former Gamestation owner Blockbuster.

The highlights of Gamestation.co.uk’s pre-owned cull come on Xbox 360…

Football Manager 2006 (Sega) 3.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Konami) 4.99
Perfect Dark Zero (Microsoft) 4.99
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Ubisoft) 7.99
Blitz: The League (Midway) 9.99

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