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Gardner slams treadmill publishing

Atari has no plans to take on the likes of EA and Activision Blizzard at their own game – instead, Gardner believes that Atari can be fleet of foot and forge its own path, without the restrictions that traditionally face larger corporations.

My goal is not to go head on with EA and Activision Blizzard – we’re the terrorist organisation here,” he offered. We’re going to go much faster into the future than anyone else because we’re small.”

That’s where the big guys are sleeping because they can’t move fast enough – they’re too busy on the treadmill trying to get to their next billion dollars.”

Of course they have to do that and that’s great. But that’s why we have new companies coming into the market all the time with a new focus and a new drive.”

Gardner also had some harsh words for software and gaming giant Microsoft, contrasting its current predicament with smaller, more agile businesses.

That’s what you’re seeing with Microsoft right now – they’re an old economy company and they’re struggling to figure out what to do, which means they’re looking at things like trying to buy Yahoo,” he added. That happens to the biggest and the greatest companies. But I’m glad not to be like that.”

Garner also recently revealed his plans to ‘reboot’ Atari, while addressing concerns over the company’s loss-making operation in the US.

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