New dynamic lighting tech comes with editor that allows artists to preview Enlighten’s effects on their creations

Geomerics releases Enlighten 3 with Forge

ARM-owned UK firm Geomerics has released the latest version of its global illumination technology, Enlighten.

The new release, Enlighten 3 with Forge, advances the way light is transferred between virtual surfaces, introducing more accurate indirect lighting, improved light map baking and richer material properties, and retains the scalability that allows devs to use it for console, desktop and mobile titles.

It also marks the debut of Geomerics’ Forge editor, software designed to allow artists to understand Enlighten and its effects on the assets and objects they create. Forge also allows users to import models from Autodesk’s 3ds Max and Maya to experiment with Enlighten’s various effects.

The evaluation version of Forge also integrates Silicon Studio’s post-processing effects software Yebis 3.

“Lighting is the key to artists expressing their creative vision across all forms of high-end graphics, and gaming is no exception to this rule,” said VP and GM of ARM’s media processing group Mark Dickinson. “The advances announced today place Enlighten technology at the cutting edge of game lighting quality and computer graphics.”

Enlighten is the lighting technology found in Unity 5, which has just launched today, and is also fully integrated into Unreal Engine 3 and 4.

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