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Euro event looks to strengthen ties between academia and industry

GES Europe calls for speaker sessions

The Game Education Summit (GES) is expanding to Europe for the fist time, and event organisers are seeking proposals for discussions and presentations.

GES organisers want to her proposals on a range of subjects:

• Education (Curriculum, Accreditation, Methods, Integration, Diversity)
• Course Development (Game Writing, Art for Games, Ethics and Games, Game Audio Design)
• Administration (Starting a Program, Management, Collaboration, Grants, Funding)
• Administration (Starting a Program, Management, Collaboration, Grants, Funding)
• Research (Serious Games, Literacy Games, Games for Health, Military and Other Research)
• Industry (Partnership, Student Involvement, Internships, Entrepreneurship, Bringing Games to Market)

Game Education Summit Europe will take place at the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) on June 22-23, 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Last year’s US event took place at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Like its US counterpart GES Europe will bring together academia and industry professionals to discuss state of game education.

“Europe is one of the nerve centers of global game development,” said Suzanne Freyjadis, conference director for event organiser Game Path.

“At GES Europe, game educators and industry leaders will develop working relationships, the foundation for sustained market growth – and jobs – in the years to come.”


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