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Gosen: Innovation will drive Xboxs future

European VP of strategic marketing for interactive entertainment at Microsoft EMEA David Gosen has refused to comment on the possibility of a Wii-style controller being unveiled at E3, but he did confirm to MCV that innovation would be key for Microsoft at this year’s show.

It would be churlish of me to ruin the fantastic surprises awaiting everybody at E3, but clearly we’ll use that to make a number of announcements.”

We’re always working on new things, and you’ll continue to hear lots from us that we believe will be game-changing.

It’s clear that if you innovate, you create new gaming experiences. I know from having worked with Iwata-san and Miyamoto-san that innovation is what drives them.

But for many people that’s the first step on the gaming ladder. People will want to graduate from a basic entry point into a console that will deliver a more rounded gaming experience.”

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