Grand Theft Auto Online reportedly corrupting single-player saves

Oh dear.

Problems accessing the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto Online were always to be expected. But fresh reports suggest an altogether more troubling issue is materialising.

Some users are claiming that not only are they unable to access the game’s new online functions, but that doing so is corrupting their single player save.

Don’t forget that Grand Theft Auto V is precisely the kind of game that a sizable number of users will have already invested a considerable amount of time in.

One affected user is games journalist Chris Schilling, who has tweeted the following:

Other reports have suggested that upon returning to single player the game has resumed at a point in the story far ahead of where they had previously reached.

Until we know what the problem is it cannot be sure if a user’s single player save has been permanently corrupted or is just being temporarily disrupted. Rest assured Rockstar will be working on this feverishly right now.

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