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GREE wants its own E3 press conference

It may not be a big name in the West, but GREE has ambitions to one day open E3 with its own press conference.

The firm – which is the biggest mobile games company in the world – made its E3 debut this year as part of its push into Europe and the US.

I’d love for you and I to be talking next year about GREE’s fantastic line-up and E3 press conference,” Senior vice president of marketing and developer relations Eros Resmini told MCV.

Mobile is becoming the forefront of games. And what better show to make a statement about it than E3?”

You are witnessing a beginning of a fantastic global platform. We are telling the world that we are here and we are going to make a big impact in the gaming space.”

GREE currently has 230m users, but believes that by pushing into the West and emerging markets – particularly territories where console gaming has failed to take off – it can achieve 1bn users in just a few years.

Resmini said:?The number of handsets out there is just growing dramatically every week. And when you see countries like China, India and Russia adopting these handsets, getting to 1bn users in a matter of years is very possible.”

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