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GTA ‘Social Club’ opens doors tomorrow

The site, which promises to give GTA IV gamers a chance to compare game statistics whether they play on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, invites gamers to ‘pre-register’ from tomorrow. The Social Club is open to anyone with an Xbox Gamertag or a PlayStation Network ID and offers gamers the chance to win awards.

Features of the social site include the LCPD Police Blotter, a virtual map that tracks the most dangerous areas of Liberty City, and the Story Gang – a single player leaderboard. Other features comprise the 100 per cent club, where the first to complete 100 per cent of the game are recognised, and the Liberty City Marathon, a ranking of milestones achieved in the game.

Rockstar has revealed the Social Club will be available for all of their future titles, and is believed to be the first time cross platform gamers have been able to compare statistics.

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