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Flagship Xbox series is a 'three billion dollar franchise', claims Phil Spencer

Halo 4 is Microsoft’s most expensive game ever

Halo 4 is Microsoft’s most expensive game ever, Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer has claimed.

Speaking to Polygon, Spencer said that he believed the Xbox’s flagship series was a “three billion dollar” franchise, and the most important entertainment product at the company.

When asked if the title was one of the most expensive titles the console giant had ever backed, he said no other game from the company was “even close” to Halo 4’s budget.

According to original Halo creator Bungie Halo 3 made $300 million in global sales in its first week when it was released in 2007.

The latest entry into a series is being developed by 343 Industries based in Washington in the US.

Established by Microsoft Studios in 2007, the 300-strong development outfit took over control of the franchise from Bungie after Halo 3.

As well as games development, 343 Industries is also responsible for expanding the franchise outside of its games roots through the creation of other products such as novels and comics.

Halo 4 is slated to release on Xbox 360 on November 6th.

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