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Foundation Update hopes to win over vocal fanbase

Hello Games breaks 3 month silence with new No Man’s Sky patch

Hello Games, developers of space-based explore-em-up No Man’s Sky have broken their silence of three months, announcing a new content update that fixes many bugs reported with the game while also adding a bunch of new features. Dubbed the Foundation Update, the content patch lays a foundation of things to come, but also includes building, giving foundation two separate meanings. Clever, eh?

In their first blog post since the start of September, Hello Games referred to the discourse around the game as "intense and dramatic", a very British understatement to an incredibly vocal segment of players trying to get storefront policies rewritten, screaming nigh-endless litanies of hatred into the void, shutting down the No Man’s Sky subreddit for a short while and successfully getting the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority to start an investigation into the game’s marketing.

Throughout it all, Hello Games remained quiet, a move that attracted them yet more criticism. It seems they were using their time to quietly wrestle the patch into shape. It’s unsure what effect this update will have on the game’s vocal playerbase, but you can read the patch notes here, with the patch now being in the wild if you fancy having a poke at it yourself.

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