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Heroes of Honor developer Nonstop Games closed by King

King has closed its Singaporean development team Nonstop games who were best known for creating the Heroes of Honor strategy game.

The studio was originally founded by a team of Finish developers under the name GamesMadeMe, but switched to Nonstop Games in 2012. Two years later, in 2014, the studio was purchased by King for $32 million. There was also an extra $10 million to ensure that key staff did not depart the studio immediately after King took over.

Nonstop Games’ biggest success was Heroes of Honor, a strategy game for mobile devices and Facebook. The game was discontinued back in 2015, with the studio doing nothing of real note since.

While the news of the studio’s closure has only just come to light it is entirely possible that it has been defunct for a while. Develop reports that the studio’s Twitter account has been inactive since January, with posts being fairly regular before that.

"After careful consideration, we have taken the difficult decision to close our Singapore studio," King told Gamesindustry.biz in a statement. "We have a fantastic team and world-class talent in the studio and will be working hard to ensure as many people as possible stay within King. For those leaving the company we are committed to ensuring the best possible transition and assistance."

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