Heroes of the Storm player Joshua ‘Vicarrak’ Lloyd removed from Dark Sided without notice

Joshua ‘Vicarrak’ Lloyd, a flex player for Australian esports outfit Dark Sided, was removed by the organisations Heroes of the Storm team without warning, according to Tweets from Lloyd.

Lloyd joined the team on the 8th June 2017, along with the rest of the roster, before Dark Sided earnt a 2nd place finish in the Heroes Global Championship – Australia & New Zealand Season 3, back in July.

It appears Lloyd was surplus to requirements for the team however, and posted Sunday night on Twitter that he was no longer a part of Dark Sided, days before players had to register for Season 4.

His tweets are below. He hasn’t revealed any more information, but we’ve reached out to him and Dark Sided for comment.

Awkwardly, of his last three tweets before the announcement, two of them are retweets of Dark Sided announcements. It appears the break-up was somewhat one-sided.

We’ll post more as we get it, but this sort of thing only highlights the need for better contracts or player unions in esports.

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