Heroes of the Storm teases a new hero, something from beyond Warcraft’s dark portal

A teaser for Heroes of the Storm’s new character has been released, and based on that the character is either a new hero from the Warcraft universe related to the Dark Portal, or the Dark Portal itself.

That’s because the teaser published today was a still shot of the Dark Portal that brought the orcs to Azeroth in Warcraft lore. Admittedly, we’re not the biggest Warcraft devotees here, but the most famous orc of the time was Gul’dan, the orcish shaman that founded the Orcish Horde.

Unfortunately, he’s already in the game.

With that in mind, head over to PCGamesN, who have done a good job of speculating what character we might see next. We should find out more in the next few days.

The tease comes just a week after Admiral Stukov was added to the game, a melee support hero that can heal and hurt those around him. It’s a decent bet then, that we won’t see another melee support unit, but everything else is up in the air.

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