OFCOM’s Online Nation – who plays what and how much – and what we need to change to cater to everyone

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OFCOM’s Online Nation report is a deep dive into the UK’s gaming habits and how they’ve evolved since 2015, during the era of the live service game: popular genres, spending patterns and exposure to toxic behaviour. We take a look at the results.

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2nd record-breaking quarter in a row as US sales hit $11.6bn


The pandemic continues to turbo-charge games sales around the globe. Today NPD reported that sales in Q2 (April to June) in the US hit an incredible $11.6bn. That’s a 30 per cent hike over the same period last year, which even at the tail end of the console cycle (with …

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“This year hasn’t been easy for anyone, but for those with children 2020 has presented a whole different set of challenges.” – Women in Games sponsor OPM Jobs on the unexpected challenges of COVID-19

"More so than ever before our focus throughout the pandemic has been on flexibility, mental-health awareness, diversity and adaptability"

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“If we threw in the towel on opposing crunch just because we hit a crisis, then that position was never worth a damn.” – Modern Wolf on launching Necronator: Dead Wrong during a pandemic

Necronator: Dead Wrong

“The death of the trade show circuit has definitely been a blow”

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