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Hirai uses CES to criticise Sony Pictures hackers

The boss of PlayStation owner Sony has used the CES 2015 press to slam the hackers who attacked Sony Pictures last year.

"Both Sony, former employees and current employees were the victim of one of the most vicious and malicious cyber attacks in recent history," the former PlayStation boss told reporters, according to the BBC.

"I have to say that I’m very proud of all the employees, and certainly the partners who stood up against the extortionist efforts of criminals, and worked tirelessly, sometimes for days on end to bring you The Interview.

"I have to say that freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association – those are very important lifelines for Sony and our entertainment business".

The Sony Pictures hack saga has resulted in a tonne of leaked information, an international political standoff between North Korea and the bullish US President Barack Obama and of course the cancellation and then online release of the movie at the centre of the whole fiasco – The Interview.

Although Sony Pictures wasn’t the only online attack Sony endured over the festive period – PSN itself was taken down for a significant period as a response to the release of The Interview, forcing Sony to issue compensation to users.

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