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Hit puzzler Threes arrives on Android

Having become one of the most discussed games this month on iOS, Threes has now arrived on Android.

It works by seeing players combine 1 and 2 numbered cards into a single 3 card. These can then be combined together to form a 6 and the 6s to make a 12 and so on.

Developer Sirvo says that roughly a third of players to date have taken this all the way up to a 384 card while only 0.18 per cent of players have created a 1,536 card. Just six people have created a 6,144.

In the game’s first month of availability on iOS to date the average owner has played 144 games with the average session lasting 20 minutes and 34 seconds. 5.42 per cent of players are from the UK with US gamers accounting for 46.99 per cent.

The game is available on the Google Play Store now for 1.20.

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