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HMV refuses to remove new app from Apple App Store

Apple has asked HMV to remove its new music downloading app from the iOS App Store – and the retailer has said no.

HMV’s new app arrived earlier this week to much acclaim. It includes a lot of cool features such as the ability to identify digital music by listening to the track or scanning its cover art.

Its most notable functionality, however, was the ability to offer music purchases directly through the app, with users able to download tracks and have them automatically added to their iTunes library.

This seemed almost too good to be true, with Apple previously blocking similar efforts from others in an attempt to maintain the dominance of iTunes in the Apple ecosystem.

However, this afternoon Paul McGowan, CEO of HMV owner Hilco, has confirmed that Apple has politely asked us to remove the HMV app from the App Store”, adding that his business has politely declined”.


There’s probably only one way this will end, but bravo for HMV regardless.

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