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Parody adventure comic come adventure game becomes third most funded game campaign in history

Homestuck Kickstarter closes at $2.4m

Homestuck, a webcomic parodying adventure games, will itself become a member of that genre after raising over $2.4 million on Kickstarter.

This places it as the third most funded game in Kickstarter history behind the Double Fine Adventure Game and Wasteland 2.

The interactive web comic is nearing the end of its run, and when it’s finished creator Andrew Hussie plans to take a new story in the Homestruck universe to an independent game developer.

"Homestuck, like all other stories on MS Paint Adventures, was built on extensive parody of video games, most notably classic adventure games," said Hussie.

"The ‘mock adventure game’ format has driven the creation of every page in the story, often with readers supplying commands for what the characters should do next.

"So for the project after Homestuck, I think it would not only be fitting, but quite exciting to present the story in the form of an actual adventure game."

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