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How popular is Game Center?

Apple launched its Game Center connected gaming community for iPhone and iPod touch in early September, as part of its iOS 4.1 software. So how’s it doing?

The company has not provided any official figures, but there is a certain amount of transparency built in to Game Center, since on your device, its app shows the number of connected players for each game.

Sister site MEdid some number-crunching, pulling out the stats for 20 of the games on our iPhone, and comparing them where possible to publicly-announced sales figures for those games.

The idea: to see if any conclusions can be drawn about Game Center’s popularity – if x people have bought a game, and y of them are counted in its Game Center leaderboards, then perhaps the percentage of iOS users who’ve signed up for Apple’s community is z.

In a word, no. The data is interesting, but defies any attempts to make such general conclusions.

To see all the data, head over to ME.

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