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Humble Bundle organizers have ported over 100 games to Linux

Humble Bundle’s in-house port team has ported more than 100 games to the Linux platform, the company announced today.

A new post on the Humble Bundle Blog explains that the porting of PC titles to other platforms like Linux, Mac and Android has played a big part in the success of Humble’s promotions – such as the current Humble Indie Bundle 13, which has accumulated nearly $500,000 in purchases since its launch earlier this week.

Before including a game in a Humble Indie Bundle we make many considerations: is the game cross-platform? Is it DRM-free? If a game isn’t quite there but could use an extra helping hand, we step in and make it happen,” the blog post read.

Humble Bundle works with numerous porters to help bring games over to Mac, Linux, Android and now to the Web with asm.js. The vast majority of games we help port are from indie developers who may not have the resources necessary to do the ports themselves.”

The post also states that Linux users on average pay $1 more than Mac users, and $2.60 more than those on Windows.

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