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I Am Alive will be released on PC next month

Ubisoft has announced that I Am Alive will be released on PC on September 13th.

It will cost 11.99 and will available from Ubisoft’s Ubishop, Steam and other digital PC portals.

I Am Alive was MCV’s very first Game of the Week earlier this month.

The setting sees players struggling for survival in an increasingly dystopian world that is attempting to reconcile the aftermath of what is referred to as ‘The Event. The mysterious events have left the fictional town of Haventon in tatters,” MCV wrote at the time.

The remaining residents are largely scavengers, who will shoot a stranger as soon as speak to them. Gameplay focuses both on traversing the battered landscape and fending off potential attackers – no mean feat considering the sparseness of ammo.

What’s interesting about the game is how it approaches now standard situations with a slightly different approach. For instance, players are encouraged to refrain from drawing their weapon if faced by multiple enemies. After all, shoot one and his friend will likely take you down.

By the same token, an unloaded pistol is effective as a deterrent against lone adversaries, who can be spooked into submission before being subdued by hand.

The story, too, is more involved than you’d perhaps expect. It’s not afraid to use emotion either, be that the protagonist’s longing to find his lost family or the need to protect a lost and scared child.”

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