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New sales drive delivering the message of what facial animation studio does

Image Metrics overcoming industry perceptions

Speaking to Develop in today’s tech feature, Image Metric’s CEO Michael Starkenburg has revealed how the company has struggled to make the industry aware of how the services it provides function.

“The reason we’re not in with more of the small guys is because we have to go out and sell to the small guys,” Starkenburg says. “Our biggest impediment has been getting people knowing about what we do, but now we have a sales force who are able to that.”

Image Metrics technically provides a service, though what it offers is also closely related to tools and middleware. The company builds facial performance animations and visuals based on video footage provided by clients.

“It’s a good model because it means we can roll out any technical changes immediately on the server and give the clients the option of using it,” explained Kevin Walker, Image Metrics’ CTO and co-founder.

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