#StopAsianHate: “Marginalised people carry a weight with them every day. A weight of experience, of expectation and of hypervisibility”

poc in play

"When the pandemic began, early links were made to China as the potential source of the outbreak. ... this has become a new source of senseless anti-Asian hatred with very clear impact particularly in the western world, where Asian people live as part of minority communities across Europe, Oceania and the Americas."

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“Running digital events is as time consuming, if not more, compared to creating physical events” – What’s next for industry events?

As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we talk to game event organisers to find out the lessons they’ve learned from this most challenging of years

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Rust finally comes to console: “Right from the start, we tried to keep the game as close to the PC version as possible. That’s why it took so long to develop”

On May 21st, Facepunch Studios’ astronomically popular survival game Rust is finally making its way to PS4 and Xbox One, courtesy of Double Eleven.

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“$1.2 billion is a big number. But we think it’s a great opportunity to bring two great companies together” – The inside track on EA’s acquisition of Codemasters

At $1.2bn, EA’s acquisition of Codemasters is the UK industry’s biggest deal to date. We talk to Frank Sagnier and EA’s Andrew Wilson to get the inside story.

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