Julian Migura on the opening of VaultN and the keys to digital B2B distribution

"Our aim is to provide control to the publishers so that they have the ability to understand where their products are. They have the ability to say 'Okay, I want my product to go exactly here, under these conditions, for this net price, and I don't want it to go elsewhere.' That's essentially what the platform allows."

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From Meme Machine to Mobile: 21 Years of Miniclip

Before YouTube, before even MySpace and the subsequent onset of social media, there was Miniclip, the ground zero for meme culture that together with Newgrounds inspired a punk-like attitude to game development. Richie Shoemaker picks up the story from president and co-founder Rob Small as the company celebrates a 21-year journey from Flash to mobile

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EPOS Audio: A Sound Start

Two years ago Sennheiser’s gaming division became EPOS and a new audio brand was born. Then the pandemic hit and everything changed. Richie Shoemaker listens in as Maja Sand-Grimnitz tells the story of how EPOS broke through the noise

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