“Sound has always been the very last piece of the puzzle when it comes to post production” – Is sound design becoming more important during development?


At a recent virtual event hosted by EPOS, a panel of audio experts looked to the future of their sector. We take a look at the state of audio in games

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Could your gaming IP benefit from a less intensive format? We look into the huge reach of Rival Peak

No one can play a game all the time, but what if your gaming IP had a less interactive, less intensive spin-off format? The success of Rival Peak means that "triple-A IPs" are now lined up to try

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Want your story to drive your game rather than vice-versa? Inkle and Failbetter discuss the storytelling potential of the open source Ink

Want a tool that remembers every choice your players have made? Want to banish over complicated flow diagrams? Inkle’s Jon Ingold and Failbetter’s Emily Short talk about a tool that puts writing first

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