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Chair Entertainment's latest becomes most popular game; Highest grossing app

Infinity Blade 2 slices through App Store

Infinity Blade 2 has shot to the summit of the App Store’s top-grossing chart, just one day since its release.

At the time of going to press, the title is also the most popular paid-for app in the games category. Its predecessor was said to have made more than $20 million in gross sales for owning company Epic Games.

Infinity Blade 2 was built in what was said to be an intense seven-month production period.

Donald Mustard, the co-founder of the game’s developer Chair, said that completing the Infinity Blade 2 project required “to just death march kill ourselves” during its final three months.

“I mean guys are just working so many hours, doing so much, and that’s not really good, I think, for the longevity of our studio,” he said.

“It’s not Epic’s style. We don’t look at that like that’s a good thing at all,” he added.

Infinity Blade 2 has an average rating of 93 from ten reviews on Metacritic.

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