Microsoft resurrects Inside Xbox as monthly show

Xbox’s new streaming show will launch with Rare discussing Sea of Thieves’ community and beta feedback
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Inside Xbox

Starting on March 10th, Microsoft will debut a new monthly live show with an old name: Inside Xbox.

Announced by director of programming at Xbox Tina Summerford via a blog post, Inside Xbox will combine announcements, behind the scenes footage, exclusive videos from upcoming games, interviews and more.

The first episode will be live on March 10th at 12pm PST (8pm UK time) with Rare as the first guest. The team will discuss the Sea of Thieves community, how they approached the closed beta’s feedback and what we can expect from the title at launch on March 20th. It will also include an “illuminating conversation on the core design principle that drives the game,” Summerford said.

Microsoft Studios executive producer Nico Bihary will also be a guest and will talk PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, among other topics.

Inside Xbox will be hosted by Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb, Xbox’s social marketing manager Graeme Boyd, Microsoft’s digital storytelling lead Jeff Rubenstein, Alex Hebert and Lydia ‘Squid Gaming’ Ellery, among others. It will be available streaming on every major platform, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Mixer.

Summerford said: “For us, Inside Xbox is the next step on a path Team Xbox has been traveling for many years. From programs like to the Xbox Insider Program, and the great work the team has done with Gaming For Everyone, we believe strongly in transparency, inclusion, and having an authentic two-way conversation with our fans. We want to hear from you as much as we want you to hear from us.”

She continued: “We hope Inside Xbox will become a monthly communal event for us and for you. We hope you’ll be energized by what’s coming, better educated about what’s new, and empowered to better enjoy our favorite pastime with great new features and content.”

Here’s the Inside Xbox announcement video:



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