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Is Jacksons Halo game still on?

Earlier this week Peter Jackson, the acclaimed director behind Hollywood film trilogy The Lord of the Rings, claimed that he is no longer working with Microsoft on a new Halo title – but the Xbox 360 platform holder seems less sure.

On Monday Jackson said of Halo: Chronicles: That Halo project is no longer happening. It sort of collapsed when the movie didn’t end up happening.”

However, Microsoft has since told Joystiq the project has not collapsed – it’s simply on hold.

Microsoft Game Studios is deeply committed to supporting and strategically growing the Halo franchise, and our relationship with Peter and his team is something that we greatly value,” a statement reads.

Given the bandwidth of both of our companies we’ve decided to put this joint effort on hold and prioritize resources against other projects like Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach and [anime project] Halo Legends.”

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