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Is the PlayStation Wand called ‘Arc’?

With brands such as Wii and Natal already trading off their recognisable names, Sony’s still anonymous motion controller is in desperate need of a title – and rumours are suggesting that ‘Arc’ is the moniker being lined up.

VG247 claims to have the information on good authority from a concrete source speaking under conditions of strict anonymity”.

When asked about the name, SCE UK told MCV that we don’t comment on rumour or speculation”.

Until now the only name to have been associated with the device is ‘Gem’ – that came from EA boss John Riccitiello when the exec made a passing reference to the PS3 peripheral at a conference in late 2009.

The PS3 motion controller is currently scheduled for a release some time in 2010. The chances of it hitting its previously touted March launch window are becoming increasingly slim.

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