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Is this a PS3 Super Slim?

A filing with the Federal Communications Commission suggests that Sony might be preparing to reveal a brand new PlayStation 3 design – perhaps at Gamescom.

Eurogamer has dug up documents that appear to show a new super slim” version of the PS3 carrying the 4000 series label. Current PS3s are designated as 3000.

The site claims to have word that a slimmer PS3 IS planned for a Gamescom reveal.

MCV can’t confirm this, but HAS been told that Sony is preparing something big for the German trade show next month. This would certainly fit the bill.

It would be unprecedented for a modern platform holder to offer two major revisions of its hardware. However, a fresh redesign would likely drive down production costs and allow for a lower PS3 RRP – thus justifying the console’s shelf space at retail alongside the brand new PS4.

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