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Itagaki to quit Ninja Gaiden series

Team Ninja boss Tomonubu Itagaki has boasted that Ninja Gaiden II couldn’t have been made by any other studio in the world, but has ruled himself out of further sequels.

Brushing aside the suggestion that Japanese developers are falling behind Western studios, Itagaki told MCV: For better or worse there is no other studio in the world that could create a game like Ninja Gaiden II, other than myself and my most trusted comrades.”

Itagaki explained: I know I won’t be making Ninja Gaiden III or IV. Just as Dead or Alive 4 was the definitive game in that series, so is Ninja Gaiden II. For myself and my friends who worked on the title, I feel that we put our hearts and souls into it.”

He also reaffirmed his support for Microsoft’s console:

In my opinion the Xbox 360 is the most powerful hardware available. I have a lot of friends that develop on it, so in some ways I regard it as home when I’m working on it.”

The Team Ninja boss stated that he was very happy with the new title and believed it would be one of the definitive action games of 2008 alongside Metal Gear Solid 4, the director of which (Hideo Kojima) he praised:

I think I will enjoy his game as much as I think he will enjoy mine.”

Itagaki also took time to applaud studios from the West: I do believe that Western developers have more skills at incorporating new technology into games straight away.”

The outspoken studio head added that he is working on a top secret new title which will have violence in it.”

Ninja Gaiden II is limbering up for its debut at retail on June 6th.

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