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Italian Videogame Developer Conference expands events list beyond December proceedings

IVDC round table held in Tuscany

The Italian Association for the Interactive Multimedia – Movement for Videogame Culture will be holding round table discussions preempting the Italian Videogame Developer Conference in Tuscany later this month.

The talks will be held at the Lucca Comics and Games event in the medieval town of Lucca between Friday, October 29th and Monday, November 1st.

Giorgia Meloni, the Italian Minister for Youth, will announce plans for new videogames technologies to be developed in time for the Italian Republic’s 150th anniversary in 2011.

The IVDC will also attempt to raise several issues facing the Italian development industry before its international conference in Rome in December.

“To appear at the Lucca Comics and Games event is very important to IVDC as we want to open a clear dialogue to aspiring videogame developers and fans alike,” said Marco Accordi Rickards, AIOMI president.

“By attending the Round Tables, visitors will hear first-hand the exciting plans we have for the industry overall and we want them to leave inspired.”

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