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Developer-publisher sets eyes on Germany and France

Jagex eyes EU expansion

Developer-publisher Jagex plans to expand further across Europe. It will launch localised versions of its popular MMO RuneScape in Germany and France via online games giant Bigpoint’s DevLounge games portal.

“Bigpoint has achieved phenomenal success in France and Germany – echoing our own success in the US, UK and other English speaking territories – so we are confident that RuneScape will be an excellent addition to their games portal,” said Jagex’s head of online strategy Oliver Kern.

RuneScape is one of the world’s largest free-to-play MMOs. It will be playable in both French and German through the Bigpoint portal. Other Jagex titles will head to Germany and France later in the year including War of Legends, Arcanists and Armies of Gielinor.

This story originally appeared in the print edition of MCV.

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