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Real-world criminal nabbed in conjunction with Police e-Crime Cyber Unit

Jagex security team collar fraudster

RuneScape developer Jagex has combated the efforts of a cyber-criminal by working with the Police e-Crime Cyber Unit. A UK resident has been arrested, showcasing the effectiveness of the Cambridge studio’s security team.

In the wake of RuneScape users’ account details being stolen by ‘phishing’ techniques, a 23-year-old man in Avon and Sommerset was arrested earlier in the week.

“Account theft and the use of phishing websites is a problem facing the entire online games industry and Jagex maintains a specialist team to combat any law breaking within our games” said Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. “Where there is any evidence to suggest someone has committed a crime, as is clearly the case with any phishing or hijacking, we work closely with law enforcement agencies around the world to bring these people to account.”

By chance Develop visited Jagex on the day of the arrest, and was shown the large team handling security and safety at the Cambridge developer by Gerhard, who revealed £3 million in salaries is spent providing 24-hour support to prevent fraudsters and those with unsavory intentions.

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