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'Whimsical physics toy' from Unfinished Swan creator Ben Esposito gets cash injection

Kachina fueled by Indie Fund

Kachina, the next project from Unfinished Swan creator Ben Esposito, has secured backing from the Indie Fund.

Esposito began work on the project as part of the Molyjam – an event last year celebrating the whacky game ideas of the fake Petermolydeux Twitter account – but continued to work on the project long after the event.

"We’re happy we can support Ben to go exploring his own first commercial indie game – we think his voice will be a unique addition!" said the Indie Fund.

Described as a "whimsical physics toy", Kachina gives players control of a hole in the ground with which they can swallow and spit out animals. Each time an object is swallowed, the hole grows.

Kachina appeared at both Indiecade 2012 and the GDC 2013 Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

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