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Katamari Damacy and Canabalt team up for LA Game Space project

The creators of cult console hit Katamari Damacy and indie endless runner Canabalt have teamed up to create a brand new title.

Keita Takahashi and Adam Saltsman are offering the title to all those who pledge at least $5 to LA Game Space’s Kickstarter pledge.

Furthermore, a pledge of $15 also nets backers also get two additional game collections – an Indie Classics Bundle and the new LS/GS Pack which includes 30 new experimental titles from the creators of hits such as The Unfinished Swan, Hotline Miami and QWOP.

But what is LA Game Space?

We are creating a place for discovering the potential of video games,” its Kickstarter reads. The Space is in Los Angeles, but everyone online will be able to participate in our talks, workshops, and exhibitions. All of our programs are open to anyone in the world.

LA Game Space is a non-profit centre for video game art, design, and research. It is a place for game innovation, education, and exhibition; where all of us can play and make and study and showcase games.”

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