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Kojima spearheads UK Peace Walker campaign

Konami will hold a series of events featuring development legend Hideo Kojima to promote Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the firm has told MCV.

The Japanese publisher claims the upcoming release is ‘the most anticipated PSP title of all time’, and will back it with an online and print marketing campaign.

Series creator Kojima will present the game to key press in advance of reviews and attend a signing event at HMV in London.

Furthermore, to tie in with Peace Walker’s in-game product placement, Uniqlo has produced 10 limited edition t-shirts of the game.

Kojima will also be present at a Uniqlo UK store signing on June 19th.

Konami’s UK marketing manager Rosemarie Dalton said: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the definitive MGS title for PSP. It doesn’t hold back just because it is on a handheld, and is as action-packed and crammed with new elements as any new Metal Gear title would be.

Additions such as co-op missions and a wealth of new weaponry and gameplay mechanics make it a stunning advance for the series, and probably the most anticipated PSP title of all time.”

MGS: Peace Walker will be released on June 18th with an RRP of 29.99.

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