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Kotick: Kinect must get cheaper

Bobby Kotick likes Kinect, but he does have one concern with it. For a boss famed for his sharp business sense and sharp attention to profits, can you imagine what that is?

With Kinect – I love the idea, but Microsoft has got to get the price down,” he told Edge magazine, before going on to bemoan developers’ lack of imagination when it comes to its audio features.

And I think developers are missing the value of the audio – nobody’s done a really great job using voice as an interface, and I don’t know why. I think its something that will broaden the appeal of games.”

Elsewhere in the Edge interview, Kotick touched upon a number of other subjects.

Most notably, the exec laid into publishing rival EA, claiming that the company has lost its way” and that developers don’t want to work for it.

He also went on to dismiss persistent claims that he has no personal interest in games, and also responded to Tim Schafer’s high-profile attack on him in July.

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