Last of Us: Remastered still censored on PS4; No upgrade discount for PS3 owners

The multiplayer component of The Last of Us: Remastered will have the same content alterations in Europe as seen in the PS3 version.

The original game featured less gore than the US release in an effort to appease censors in some of Europe’s more sensitive regions. These changes were made to all versions shipped in the EU.

MP is the same as in the EU PS3 version – there have been no changes in this respect,” SCE’s European blog manager Fred Dutton confirmed in comments on the PS Blog.

Dutton also confirmed that, despite previous hints to the contrary, there will be no discount for PS4 buyers who have previously purchased the game on PS3.

It was revealed earlier that the game will offer players the option of locking the game to a 30fps framerate. Additional content not previously released for PS3 will also be made available.

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