League of Legends World Championship prize pool now over $4 million

In game purchases have boosted the League of Legends World Championship prize pool by more than $2 million.

25% of all purchases of the Championship Zed skin and the Championship Ward are directly added to the prize pool, while 30% of team icon sales are sent directly to the teams.

The total prize pool is currently $4,145,000 although sales will still be added to the prize pool until the final day of the World Championships.

As the prize pool is still growing the official prize distribution has been changed from a set amount to a percentage. First place will take home 40% of the total prize pool with the runners up grabbing 15%. 3rd/4th will take home 7.5% each, 5th-8th will take home 4% each, 9th-12th will grab 2.25% each and finally 13th-16th will receive 1.25% each.

The group stages of the World Championships have just concluded and the quarter finals are now set. Samsung Galaxy will face Cloud9, SK Telecom T1 will face Royal Never Give Up, ROX Tiger will face Edward Gaming and finally H2K will face Albus NoX Luna, who were the surprise of the group stage.

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