Leaked Oculus Go photos show range of content, 32GB storage

Oculus Go dev kits are arriving in the hands of developers, some of whom are a little overzealously tweeting photos of the device and its packaging. Luckily for us, this reveals a couple of new details about the all-in-one VR headset, such as a look at the scope of the initial content lineup. The box boasts “1000+ apps, games and movies”, with just a small sample of these displayed on the packaging, including Netflix, Hulu and Ultrawings.

The box also states that the Oculus Go has 32GB of storage which, apart from being a useful thing to know, suggests that the device could come in multiple flavours with various levels of flash memory. With the headset due to arrive in “early 2018”, it feels like we’re getting a lot closer to its release.

The relatively low price ($199) of the Oculus Go, along with its large content library and the fact that it doesn’t need a mobile device or PC to work, could reinvigorate the VR market. Its accessibility and lack of friction, along with (we say, begrudgingly) the attachment of the Facebook name, could open it up to a mainstream audience. 

[Via Reddit]

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