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Live coverage of E3 at MCVuk.com

Within the next 48 hours all three home console platform holders will have shot their E3 load in their anticipated LA press briefings – and MCV will be offering live coverage of each and every one.

What should you expect?

Well, there’s a brand new handheld from Nintendo, some killer games and a new entry in the motion control market from Sony and from Microsoft? At the very least we’ll be getting our first look at some proper gaming software for Natal and, who knows, maybe something that none of us have so far predicted.

So make sure you’re with us for all three press briefings for news the very moment it happens.

Monday June 14th 18:00pm BST
NINTENDOTuesday June 15th 17:00 BST
SONYTuesday June 15th 20:00 BST

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