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Mario gets his groove on in Just Dance 3

Gaming’s foremost man of plumbing makes his debut today in one of the Wii’s most successful franchises.

Ubisoft has released an exclusive downloadable track for the Wii edition of Just Dance 3 based on themes from the original Super Mario Bros.

Mario even appears to guide players through the dance routine, stylised to match Just Dance’s iconic silhouettes.

The track is available now for 250 Wii Points, alongside seven other tracks: Anja’s ‘Baby Don’t Stop Now’, Studio Allstars’ ‘Jump’, Ol Orquesta’s ‘JamboMambo’, The Girly Team’s ‘TwistShakeIt’, Groove Century’s ‘Soul Searchin’ and In The Style Of Irene Cara’s ‘Fame’.

No word yet on Master Chief strutting his funky stuff to a Halo Megamix on the Kinect version, sadly.

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