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Mass Effect 3 merchandise lifts off

EA has kicked off a licensing drive for Mass Effect 3, with accessories, figures, posters and more ready to rock retail this Friday.

The publisher has partnered with several licensees including BioWorld for accessories, Razer for branded games peripherals, Dark Horse for graphic novels and GB Eye for posters.

There will also be iPhone cases, books and other collector’s items available such as replica vehicles, figures and weapons, as well as a range of clothing.

EA says this series of licensed products can ‘rival even the biggest of movie releases’.

Mass Effect is considered to be one of EA’s most popular franchises and with the launch of the BioWare online store in 2010, we saw a great demand for Mass Effect apparel and accessories,” EA Europe’s senior brand licensing manager Stephen Wanigesekera told MCV.

Mass Effect 3 arrives this Friday, March 9th, on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game has already picked up several favourable reviews from critics. It will not be stocked by GAME and Gamestation at release.

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