MCV GameTime: Industry TV advertising monitor (week ending Sept 23rd)

This week we take a look at recent TV advertising activity for games and find out which campaigns have been most successful.

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Games and consoles TV advertising saw a week-on-week decline for the first time since the beginning of August. Men 16 to 34 TVRs fell by 23 per cent. One TVR equals one per cent of a target audience.

In the last recorded week, men 16 to 34 TVRs fell by 40 per cent. It’s the fifth consecutive week the market has failed to grow year-on-year.

The overall year-to-date growth figure has dropped to 16 per cent. With the autumn/winter period now underway, this year’s big releases can only further improve upon this figure.

Driver San Francisco was the most heavily backed campaign, with 109 TVRs. It was the only campaign to breach 100 TVRs.

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How successful have the top 20 games and consoles campaigns been at targeting their key audiences for the year-to-date?

This chart below documents how the Top 20 games and consoles campaigns have positioned themselves in terms of audience targeting for the year-to-date. The top left corresponds to campaigns targeting older males, and the bottom right for those targeting younger females.

The dominance of Nintendo, in terms of advertising, means there is a more female skew to how campaigns are targeted.

Just Dance 2 is sat within the middle left-hand side of the chart, indicating an older neutral target.

Three campaigns stand alone in prioritising kids as their target audience. This demonstrates the importance of the child/parent negotiation when making purchase decisions.

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