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MCV Jobs Weekly: Vice Gaming is now Waypoint

The media firm has launched a new digital gaming channel called Waypoint.

The editor-in-chief is Austin Walker (pictured, right), former head of Vice Gaming, who joined earlier this year. Before that, he was news editor at Giant Bomb. He will be running the brand from Vice’s headquarters in New York.

On this side of the pond, Vice Gaming’s UK editor Mike Diver (pictured, far right) has been appointed as senior editor for Waypoint in London. He launched the games brand in 2015 and has also worked for Clash, Drowned in Sound and the BBC.

Walker commented: We want to focus on telling stories about why people play, and investigating how the games we love came to be. Whether a title was a commercial success or has a small, dedicated community, we want to raise the conversation and take an in-depth look at the passion, people, and politics that underpin these worlds.”

Waypoint’s publisher Joel Fowler added: A big priority for us was to expand beyond the reach of a traditional website by experimenting and having fun in new, different mediums.

By partnering with Twitch, developing regular podcasts, and testing out new video formats, the Waypoint team will be approachable and acknowledge our audience as our peers.”

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