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MCV needs your pictures!

Do you have a pic of your sales director doing the dosey doe with Lara Croft?

Was your store manager ever snapped burning his Carmageddon POS stuff?

Perhaps your MD had his arms round a man dressed as Croc – with a face that said ‘this is definitely going to be bigger than Mario’.

If so, MCV needs your help. If you have photos from years gone by that evoke memories of a very special time in game – or just your boss looking a wally – we’d love to print them in our lovely glossy magazine.

If you have these snaps hanging around in a dusty cupboard, please email a scan in to: offtherecord@intentmedia.co.uk.

Or you can send you pics in via post to:

Off The Record – MCV,
Saxon House,
6A St. Andrew Street,
SG14 1JA

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