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MCVuk.com looking for US writers

Interested in joining the team behind the world’s leading video games trade news website?

MCVuk.com is looking for student writers based in the US to man (or woman) the news desk throughout the night as us UK dwellers rest our weary heads.

This is a paid position and an excellent opportunity for young writers looking to make their mark on the increasingly competitive games journalism landscape.

Applicants will need to demonstrate an understanding of the market, a talent for writing and the ability to correctly identify and source content that is suitable for the site.

"MCVuk.com is already the dominate online trade news source for the community it serves, but we now want to extend our coverage to 24 hours a day,” MCV publisher and Intent Media boss Stuart Dinsey stated.

To do this we are seeking young talent, preferably enthusiasts or students who are keen to play a part in delivering the fastest and best information for our always-on readership.”

If you are interested in writing for MCVuk.com please contact ben.parfitt@intentmedia.co.uk.

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