Start-Up Spotlight: Lab Rats Studio

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This is truly the second age of independent developers. From college students to hobbyists and bedroom coders, there are plenty of ways to get started these days.

Established developers and creative organisations have even begun setting up dedicated services to help independent developers, such as Blitz 1UP.

Lab Rats Studio was formed by four college students with the help of development incubator Joystick Labs - who also aided Gale Force Logic. Based in North Carolina, Lab Rats intended to create cutting edge interactive entertainment for multiple platforms.

Lab Rats’ co-founder and CEO Rion Holland told how they plan to nab their cheese.

How did you start your company?
Lab Rats Studio began as four students from Wake Technical Community College banding together to create a game for a final project class in our Simulation and Game Design Program.

After the completion of our first game project, AfterShock: Escape from Bloomfield, we learned about the Joystick Labs Accelerator Program and were lucky to be chosen as one of the five inaugural companies to participate.

With the help of Joystick, we were able to incorporate and get a boost to start the development of our first marketable game which is currently in development for iOS platforms and eventually Android. Special thanks to Walter Rotenberry for all of his help with setting up meetings and sending emails for us.

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