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‘Memory’ trademark dispute leaves iOS devs in name dilemma

A request from German company Ravensburger could lead to the renaming of dozens of apps on the Apple App Store.

The company claims to hold the trademark for the word in a number of European countries, and having pressed Apple on the issue the iPhone platform holder has sent out notices to several developers whose apps include the word ‘memory’ in their title.

Gamasutra says that the dispute involves 42 European countries.

At least 50 apps have the word in their title, with Preschool Memory Match creator Darren Murtha confirming that he plans to upload an amended memory-free version of his app next year.

The news harks back to the ‘edge’ saga of 2010 where Tim Langdell hit the headline for claiming ownership of the word, affecting not only a n umber of apps but also the website of Future’s Edge magazine.

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